Often use dry shampoo can make bald?

Dry shampoo is a friend of the woman when they’re having a bad hair day but do not have time to wash. Greasy hair and do not inflate instantly turned into a hair net and expands perfectly as finished shampooing.

Dry shampoo is so effective because the chemicals in it is able to bind oil happens when your hair is dirty. That is why many women who then use dry shampoo.

But a study reported by dailymail.co.uk revealed that the use of dry shampoo too often can make you high risk for baldness.

“Dry shampoo is a beauty item that was popular at the moment. Although it can be a life saver when you are not had time to wash it, but you still do not use it often because the chemicals in them can make your scalp dry. Then if the chemical is left on the head is not immediately cleaned it will clog pores and cause spots on your scalp, “explained Lee Stafford, hairdressers exposed in England.

“Because your scalp is not too strong, then baldness can happen,” he concluded.

dry shampo


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